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I have a question for everyone... Can people be haunted just like houses are haunted? The reason I ask is because I know my house is haunted, but when I went to spend the night at my moms house... which isn't haunted... I definitely felt someone poke me in the arm while i was sleeping... like a spirit saying "wake up"... So, I have to wonder... Maybe I'm a person that ghosts are attracted to... What do you think about it..?? Can people be haunted like houses are haunted?

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  • I think that like others here they can be attracted to us if they know we can hear and see them because all my life it has been this way everywhere I have lived, including overseas I have had them.
  • Yes they can. You said your house is haunted? Well it might be that that whatever is haunting your home might have came to stay at your moms house with you. if this ghost was already in the home when you moved in you might have overtime became atached to this ghost or it got atached to you. I hope its a good ghost or something cause it might become trobble I hope this helped you a bit
  • I think its possible. Some people with special gifts or they are like epic-lighthouses, that draws spriits to them, I for one am an example, so I can vouch for yes.
  • yes they can ,it depens on the person
    • In dealing with the "paranormal", I'd say anything is possible and nothing shoud be ruled out. I can appreciate your situation andthough I can't  be of much help long ddistance, feel free to drop me a "line', if you have anything on your mind and want another opinion. hope you had a good Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year! :)
  • Yes...I believe people can be haunted.  Just like some people who can see and speak to ghosts are "magnets" to spirits, others can have spirits following them.  Also, if someone goes to a haunted place, a spirit can get attached to you.
    • Yip you expressed it best way Denise,some people are like "MAGNETS" to spirits,same in our world where we are attracted to certain individuals.etc
  • YIP,sounds like you have a hitch hiker,getting rid of one,best bet it gets bored with you,moves on.
    • Thanks for  the comment. I frankly enjoy the company,essp. with some ancestors that fought during the Civil War, left with all parts attached, and came home the same way. Quite something to brag about. Some claimd to be behind the wall at Fredricksurg, VA, in DEC. 1862,, as pictured below, though since I hadd 14 male  ancestorsa fighting there, it is sotra confusing as who was where. BTW, a walk through the cemetery there where the dead from  the battle are buried, well, it can be interesting.,g about.
  • They certainly can be and there doesn't always have to have been any connection between the 2 parties, as "ghosts", are simply just attracted to a person or persons and just decide to hang around.
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