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Grant Wilson Leaving Ghost Hunters is yesterday's news, but do you think that Grant Wilson leaving Ghost Hunters is a sign that the SyFy Network might be cancelling the Ghost Hunters show in the near future?

I know that as a ghost hunter, Grant Wilson can be replaced with another ghost hunter... possibly a new team member on Ghost Hunters... But Grant was the co-founder of TAPS, and has been on Ghost Hunters since the beginning. I don't believe that Grant left Ghost Hunters to have more time with his family when he's been on the show for all these years without the time he has with family ever being a problem before... so, why now?

I like this show, and I don't want SyFy to cancel Ghost Hunters, but I can't help but to wonder if Grant Wilson, Co-Founder of TAPS, leaving the show was for reasons much deeper than the public knows about... which might be a sign of impending doom for the Ghost Hunters show. sometime in the near future... What do you think?

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  • I totally agree with the postings I have read. Ghost Hunters is surely not what is used to be and it is my feelings that Grant Wilson got out of it gracefully without risking his reputation. He has a new gig now along with his wife and I wish them the very best. I absolutely dont like GHI and a certain person who made it so corny. Unfortunately I do not believe Ghost Hunters will survive many more seasons. Good luck to them.

    • No worries Grant got out of the show as he had planned for a while. He's got time with the family and his band and his software company,

      He's still an important part of Taps, just not the TV show.

      They're doing great and we've actually added a lot of new teams to Taps Family this year.

  • Even though I like Ghost Hunters I think their days are numbered. Look over the last 9 seasons as to how many people have left the show prior to Grant's leaving.  Now Kris is saying she is not going back to Ghost Hunters.  I do not care for Amy and I think Grant use to control Jason, because he can be rude at times and I don't think he does this intentionally, I think it just his nature.  I would hate to see it go but with the academy gone and I heard International was not renewed, this could be the last season for Ghost Hunter if the ratings do not stay up. 


    • They're already signed for next year.

      No worries, they're still SyFy's best rated show of this type.

  • Hello Guys!

    How long has Ghost Hunters been on television.?

    • On season 9 and re-upped for next year.

      • Like I said, I wish them well, but after seeing that stupid Housewife of wherever on the show, I was done. Now, if something bad would have happened to her, that would have been a different story...Maybe they could put bad celebrities on them and put a little fictional drama in it, like for example, I don't know - the Jersey Shore people being hacked to pieces....:) j/k

  • Below is some information on Grant WIlson. He and his family are doing just fine, no family problems. He has a new gig, he is developing video games with another of his friends. Both of their wives are involved as well so it is a family thing. I sure do miss Grant in GH though.... miss him way too much.

    "Ghost Hunters" fans may have wondered what Grant Wilson, cofounder of The North Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) and lead investigator on SyFy’s hit paranormal reality show “Ghost Hunters,” was really up to when he left the show after eight seasons - but the wait is over. Grant, it seems, knew exactly what he was doing when he said he was leaving to pursue other interests.

    Fan speculation included everything from marital difficulties to a falling out between Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes. But, little did fans suspect that Grant's newest adventures would include starting a game board company called Rather Dashing Games. According to their site, Grant Wilson and lifelong friend Michael Richie have teamed up to produce a series of family games.

    Current game titles available for purchase include "Four Taverns" – a strategic card game for ages 10 and up, "Red Hot Silly Peppers" – a card game of addition and subtraction for ages 7 and up,  and "X-Marks the Spot" – a game of strategy and treachery on the high seas for ages 10 and up.

    Grant Wilson is the Art Director and vice President, while Richie is the game designer and president. Reanna Wilson - yes that would be Grant's wife -is the Chief Financial Advisor while, Hollie Richie serves as the Chief Operations Officer.

    The four-man team has plans for many new titles all designed to promote learning and lots of fun. Check out Rather Dashing Games to learn more about the company and review the descriptions and rules for each game and get a sneak preview of Grant Wilson’s amazing artwork.

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    • I'm not too impressed with Ghost Hunters since Grant left. The show won't be canceled, but I really liked Grant and Jason together. I still watch it every week, but I liked it much better with Grant.

  • Grant Wilson is into another venture now. He and another friend and both of their wives are designing video games and so far doing a really good job. I really miss him not being on GH. He was my favorite as he was more level headed than Jason and alot more calm.  Sure they can replace him but somehow it just will not be the same without Grant.  The show has had a real good run for what is it 8 years now.  When I watch, I almost feel sad that Grant is not there now, it is just not the same for me.  GH Int'l is not so great. One of the team members there always see things that no one else ever does. It is annoying sometimes. The only GH int'l I liked was when they are in the Irish Castles. Those are some spooky haunted places.

    Haunted Hwy is the PITTS.....whoever thought of this is silly. I love Jael though, but I love her with Josh Gates and Destination Truth or on Fact or Fake Paranormal Files.  She screams too much on Haunted Hwy.

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