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Haunted Places: 2 4 6 Shaw Avenue Middleboro MA Haunted Houses In Middleboro Massachusetts Residenti



Haunted House

The Haunted Society Paranormal Network Has Received A Report of Ghost Sightings and Paranormal Activity In A House Located At 2, 4 and 6 Shaw Avenue, Middleboro, MA 02346. Below, We Will Outline The History of This Haunted House In Middleboro, And The Reports of Paranormal Activity Reported To Haunted Society By The Former Residents of This Haunted House.

2-4-6 Shaw Avenue Is A 3-Family House Located In Middleboro, Massachusetts. The First Floor of This House Is 2 Shaw Ave, The Second Floor Is 4 Shaw Ave, and Third Floor Is 6 Shaw Avenue.

The Family Reports That This Entire House Is Haunted, All Three Apartments. The Family First Lived On The First Floor Apartment In This House, Known As 2 Shaw Avenue, Where They Resided For Six Years, Until Moving Upstairs To The Second Floor Apartment, 4 Shaw Ave, Where They Lived For An Additional 5 Years.

All Four Family Members Experienced Paranormal Activity While Living In Both The First Floor and Second Floor Apartments, Which Included Characteristics of An Intelligent Haunting. The Family Described, and Presented Paranormal Evidence That Suggests The Probability of A Demonic Haunting With Definitive Poltergeist Activity.

While This Family Only Resided In 2 and 4 Shaw Ave Apartments, They're Certain All Three Apartments Are Haunted, Because Two Different Families That Lived In The Third Floor Apartment, 6 Shaw Avenue, Have Confirmed The Same Paranormal Activity Happened In Their Apartment, and They Moved Out Because of It.

Some of The Paranormal Reports In This Haunted Apartment House Includes Seeing Orbs, Shadow Figures, and Ghost Apparitions, Both In Pictures and With The Naked Eye. Voices of Ghosts Were Audible In Natural Surroundings and EVP's Were Unknowingly Recorded On Home Movies Recorded With Video Cameras. Objects Throughout The House Would Inexplicably Move, and Often Times Were Forcefully Thrown Across Rooms

The List of Ghost Sightings and Paranormal Activity In The Haunted Apartments At 2, 4, and 6 Shaw Avenue In Middleboro, Massachusetts Goes Onto Cover Nearly Every Imaginable Occurrence of Paranormal Activity.


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