Paranormal & Metaphysical Ban For eBay Sellers and Consumers

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Sunday, August 19th, 2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — For as long as there has been eBay, consumers have been able to purchase psychic, witchcraft and paranormal related items, such as magick spells, potions, haunted items, etc., But the sale of these items are coming to an end on eBay, effective immediately.

The metaphysical category has been a section on eBay for the past seven years, but following a executive meeting at eBay headquarters in San Jose, California, eBay execs decided to eliminate the metaphysical category, and to ban all future paranormal related sales.

The paranormal ban on eBay includes everything from psychic readings, love potions and witchcraft spells and curses, to the notorious haunted dolls and all haunted items. If you’re looking to buy or sell any metaphysical or paranormal related item, eBay will no longer be the place to go.

There’s a significantly large market for psychic readings, witchcraft spells and potions, haunted items and various metaphysical and paranormal related items. But apparently eBay believes that items that are intangible, and more specifically, related to the paranormal, and items with metaphysical attributes, are too risky for consumers to purchase through their website. This executive decision, while “protecting” consumers, will sacrifice tens of millions of dollars in sales, annually.

Effective September 1st, 2012, any listings that meet the criteria of the paranormal ban on eBay will be removed, and sellers who violate this new policy will be subject to having their eBay account suspended, or entirely removed and banned from the website. eBay sellers should be sure to read the details of the metaphysical and paranormal ban since any auction listings with keywords related to the paranormal or metaphysical will be flagged for removal.

Haunted Society offers a Paranormal Marketplace to our members, which is located within our various Forum categories, where paranormal items can be sold, and in the future we will consider expanding upon this opportunity that eBay doesn’t want a part of.

We would like to know what you think about the paranormal ban on eBay. Have you ever bought or sold a paranormal or metaphysical item in an eBay auction? Do you think eBay should ban paranormal items from their website? Comment below with your thoughts. If you’re not yet a member of Haunted Society, it’s free to join and use this website, Join Here.

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