Officials Approve Paranormal Investigation At Haunted Town Hall

Town Officials Voted To Approve A Paranormal Investigation At The East Bridgewater Town Hall. Phillip Brunelle and His Team of Ghost Hunters Will Investigate The Haunted Town Hall This Week — Haunted Society Paranormal News — Subscribe Here

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

EAST BRIDGEWATER, MASS — It will not be business as usual this weekend at the East Bridgewater Town Hall, after town officials voted to approve a paranormal investigation of the haunted town hall during yesterday’s Board of Selectmen meeting. Paranormal investigator, Phillip Brunelle, and his team of ghost hunters, will be investigating many reports of paranormal activity at the town hall on Saturday, May 18th.

The East Bridgewater Town Hall was built in 1850, as the home of a judge, Hon. Aaron Hobart, who also served as a Massachusetts State Senator, and a member of the U.S. Congress. The house remained in the Hobart family for over 100 years, and within that time many members of the Hobart family died inside the house, including Aaron Hobart and his wife Maria Hobart, which are two of the spirits that are said to still be haunting the house to this day, while it’s now being utilized as the East Bridgewater Town Hall.

According to public records, the Hobart Estate was sold to the town of East Bridgewater for $25,000 in 1954. Soon after, the house was converted into the East Bridgewater Town Hall, and since then, several employees, town officials, police officers and town residents have reported many unexplainable instances of paranormal activity inside the town hall, giving it a reputation for being the town’s most haunted building.

The reports of paranormal activity in the haunted town hall include cold spots and strange gusts of air that feels like someone walking by you, strange sounds, footsteps and voices, orbs and apparitions appearing in photos and to the naked eye, lights going on and off and the elevator operating on its own, without any cause or need of repair found. These are just some of the many reports that have been documented over the years, and while some of the paranormal activity is indicative of a residual haunting, other paranormal activity that’s been reported suggests the existence of intelligent spirits in the East Bridgewater Town Hall.

“What’s most exciting about this investigation is knowing that the reports of paranormal activity originate from some of the most credible sources.” said Phillip Brunelle. “These are town employees, Selectmen and other elected officials, police officers, and even the ‘average people’ are considered as upstanding and well respected residents of East Bridgewater.”

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Just last month Phillip Brunelle and his team investigated reports of paranormal activity at the Middleboro Town Hall, which is a neighboring town of East Bridgewater. “These town halls are right in the heart of the infamous ‘Bridgewater Triangle’, which is a 200 square mile area located in southeastern Massachusetts that consists of a dozen cities and towns where there have been countless reports of paranormal activity”.

Phillip Brunelle is planning to conduct paranormal investigations at several reportedly haunted locations within the Bridgewater Triangle. Each investigation will be featured in an episode of Brunelle’s new paranormal web-series, which premiers later next month on his YouTube channel, Mass Most Haunted.

Aside from the Middleboro and East Bridgewater town halls, other haunted locations that Phillip Brunelle has investigated, or plans to investigate, include a haunted stone mill in New York, the Houghton Mansion located in North Adams, Massachusetts, the USS Salem, a haunted battleship in Quincy, Mass. the AOH Club, a private Irish club in Salem, Mass. another mansion in central Massachusetts, which is commonly called the ‘Haunted Victorian Mansion’, where ghost hunters from the television show Ghost Adventures filmed their paranormal investigation just two weeks ago.

“Some of the haunted places that my team is investigating are prominent in the paranormal field and have been featured on paranormal television shows, while many other places haven’t been investigated before.” said Phillip Brunelle. “I’m hoping to entertain and educate the public about each of these haunted places, and hopefully along the way we will discover some of the answers to the infinite questions surrounding the paranormal, which captivates the curiosity of so many people.”

Phillip Brunelle does not charge for paranormal investigations or any of his teams services… In fact, this weekend’s investigation of the East Bridgewater Town Hall will not cost the town hall or taxpayers a penny. “Researching and investigating the paranormal is a passion of mine, and a passion of each member on my team,” said Phillip Brunelle, “The expenses associated with conducting paranormal investigations, such as the cost of my investigation equipment, third party services or individuals, any location fees and travel expenses, all comes out of my own pocket.”

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‘Lizzie Borden Took An Axe’ Lifetime Movie Premier

Tune Into Lifetime Network Tonight At 8:00pm For The Movie Premier of ‘Lizzie Borden Took An Ax’ Staring Christina Ricci.

Saturday, January 25th, 2014
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

UNITED STATES (NATIONAL)  If you were casting in your mind for a 30-ish actress to play the title role of Lizzie Borden in a television movie about her life, wouldn’t Christina Ricci be at the top of your list? There is something just quirky enough about the characters this actress has created in the past to make her a match for the role of the young woman who took an axe to her parents back in the mid 1800’s. Ricci makes the character innocent on the outside but vile on the inside and that is the right combination to make her totally believable in this role.

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Lifetime’s original movie Lizzie Borden Took An Axe spends very little time on the events leading up to the murders of Andrew and Abbey Borden, but focuses on the crimes and their aftermath. Lizzie claims to have discovered her father’s body and sent their maid for help. Then later the maid went upstairs and found Mrs. Borden’s body. Lizzie claimed someone with a grudge against her father (Stephen McHattie) must have done it, but there was an almost two hour time difference between when Mrs. Borden was murdered and Mr. Borden’s own demise.

Attorney Andrew Jennings (Billy Campbell) was an associate of her father’s and he volunteered to handle Lizzie’s case. The prosecutor (Gregg Henry) had a weak case until it was discovered Lizzie had burned the dress she was wearing on the day of the murders. This gave serious doubt to her innocence.

The look and feel of the time in which Lizzie lived is recreated in this movie. You get the impression Lizzie was being smothered by what her father and society expected of her. She also did not like the way her stepmother came between her relationship with her father. So there were all sorts of conflicting emotions within Lizzie on the day of the murders.

The drama plays out well with suspense building over whether or not Lizzie will be found guilty or acquitted. The audience may think it knows all about Lizzie Borden but there are some twists in this script.

As stated, Ricci nails the role of Lizzie. Clea DuVall also does nicely as her protective older sister Emma. McHattie makes the most of his brief time as Mr. Borden, but Henry and Campbell fail to impress with their roles as the attorneys in the case.

Christina Ricci adds another solid performance to her resume with her turn as Lizzie Borden. Her thoughtful portrayal should hold the attention of all audiences and make this movie a popular one for Lifetime.

Widow Says Dead Husbands Face Appeared On Wall

Widow Says An Image of Her Dead Husband’s Face Has Appeared On Her Bedroom Wall – See The Photos and Read The Full Story HERE On Haunted Society Paranormal News

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

CARLISLE, UNITED KINGDOM — A terrified widow has called in a catholic priest for a spiritual cleansing after she says an image of her dead husbands face has appeared on her bedroom wall.

Andrea Samuels, 41, said that strange paranormal activity has been happening in her Carlisle home for several months, following the death of her late husband, Brian Samuels, who died four years ago. “New furniture has mysteriously broken and pictures keep falling off walls” Andrea Samuels said.

In addition to the strange happenings, Andrea Samuels said that her pet bird, named Spirit, has flown away, and she believes the bird was let loose from the ghosts haunting her home, one of which she believes is her dead husband, Brian Samuels.

After she believed the face of her dead husband appeared on her bedroom wall, Andrea Samuels decided to call in Father Dadson, a priest with Saint Bede’s Catholic Church .”I saw something on the wall that appeared as an image of a man” said Father Dadson.

Father Dadson relocated to Carlisle in January, after working as a priest in Botswana, and his native, Nigeria, for 13 years. He said this is the second time this year that he has been asked to perform a spiritual cleansing in the city. Father Dadson believes that paranormal activity is sometimes brought on by people’s actions. “In some houses things have been done, maybe people have carried out some kind of sacrifice or other activity that influences people with the forces of evil.”Father Dadson explained.

A spiritual cleansing was performed in the home on Wednesday, which includes prayers and spreading holy water throughout the house. Whether or not the image that appeared on her bedroom wall is her dead husband, Andrea Samuels said the experience has helped to renew her religious faith, but she hopes that the paranormal activity in her home will stop so that she can move on with her life.

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NEWS VIDEO: “Slightly Haunted” House For Sale In PA

A “Slightly Haunted” House For Sale In Pennsylvania… Current Homeowners Say Paranormal Activity Happens Often..Tuesday, January 21st, 2014
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

DUNMORE, PENNSYLVANIA — Between the mysteriously banging doors, the odd noises coming from the basement, and the persistent feeling that someone is standing behind them, homeowners Gregory and Sandi Leeson are thoroughly creeped out by their 113-year-old Victorian.

So when they put their haunted house in northeastern Pennsylvania up for sale last month, the Leeson’s advertised the old Victorian home as being “Slightly Haunted.�? — Then things got REALLY weird.

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There were calls from ghost hunters. An open house attracted lots of curiosity seekers, but no legitimate buyers. A former resident came out of the woodwork to tell the couple that when he was a kid, he found a human skull in the basement — the same basement whose door Sandi Leeson once barricaded because she swore she could hear the clicking of a cigarette lighter emanating from the subterranean depths.

It’s enough to make her husband wonder whether he did the right thing when he playfully wrote about the home’s spooky charms:

“Slightly haunted. Nothing serious, though,�? says the listing on Zillow’s real-estate site. It goes on to describe 3:13 a.m. screams and “the occasional ghastly visage�? in the bathroom mirror.

The listing attracted local and national media attention. Now the Leesons just need an actual buyer for the four-bedroom home, on the market for $144,000.

“I tried to word it with a little bit of a sense of humor,�? says Greg Leeson, a 35-year-old who works in information technology, but “I don’t think it has helped with marketing. We’re not really getting very many interested buyers. We’re getting a lot of nonsense people.�?

Spring should bring more traffic. But if it doesn’t sell, Leeson said they might consider renting it out — by the night — to folks looking for spooky thrills.

While Leeson concedes the home has a “creepy vibe,�? he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

And his wife?

“I definitely think there’s a spirit or a ghost in the house, just from my personal experiences,�? she said.

To See The Actual Real Estate Listing For The “Slightly Haunted” Victorian House

Murder Victim Family: Paranormal Team Dead Wrong

Murder Victim’s Brother Says That Evidence Found By Worsley Paranormal Group & Their Theory Is Dead Wrong.
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Monday, September 3rd, 2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM — A brutal crime against five children nearly five decades ago is making UK news headlines this week… after [potentially] new evidence was discovered by ghost hunters from the Worsley Paranormal Group.

Between 1963 and 1965, convicted killers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, murdered five children. The bodies of three children were discovered buried on Saddleworth Moor, near Manchester UK, and the body of a fourth child was found at the home of Ian Brady. The body of the fifth child, Keith Bennett, was never found, nor was the spade, which was said to be the murder weapon.

When such a brutal crime against children occurs, it captivates the attention of everyone, but when aspects of a murder remain unsolved for decades, such as undiscovered remains of a murder victim and a missing murder weapon, the case gets the attention of psychics and paranormal investigators.

The Worsley Paranormal Group has been conducting paranormal investigations in the Saddleworth Moor area for several months. Erica Gregory, the founder of the Worsley Paranormal Group, uploads and shares videos of the group’s paranormal evidence on YouTube and on Facebook, and evenhere on Haunted Society, which includes possible EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) evidence from Saddleworth Moor.

During their last paranormal investigation of Saddleworth Moor, the ghost hunters of Worsley Paranormal Group said they found evidence beyond the paranormal. The group discovered an old spade, which they believed could have been the missing murder weapon used by Ian Brady, in the murders of five children.

The paranormal group turned the spade over to Steve Kershaw, a forensic expert at Manchester Metropolitan University, who said that despite extensive testing, it’s not possible to link the spade to Ian Brady, or the murder victims.

“Even if we had lots more time, and even if we had established that it was a spade from the 60s or predated the 60s, we would not have necessarily established if it has anything to do with Ian Brady.” Steve Kershaw said, he continued saying, “The only way we would have been able to tell is if it had DNA on it, and that’s harder to tell with the handle gone, and with the spade being so corroded.”

The discovery of the corroded spade, that was found buried in Saddleworth Moor, has put the Ian Brady caseback into news headlines, and has sparked some harsh words by Alan Bennett, the brother of Keith Bennett, one of the murdered children whose body has never been found.

Calling Alan Bennett a skeptic, or stating his dislike for the ghost hunters of Worsley Paranormal Group, would be putting it lightly. “This is complete nonsense… as is the Worsley Paranormal Group’s theories and activities” Alan Bennett said, speaking on the discovery of the buried spade.

“They’re all over the internet, chasing anybody who they think will listen to them. They post videos claiming to have picked up Keith on a �?ghost box’ machine, all of which I find totally disgusting.” Alan Bennett said. “It seems now they have gone to the news, just like the other �?oddballs’ in the news lately. They have seen their moment to jump on the bandwagon with all the recent publicity about the case.” Alan Bennett continued.

Aside from Alan Bennett claiming that the Worsley Paranormal Group is doing more publicity hunting than ghost hunting, he also cited the group has become aggressive with him. “They know my thoughts on their �?findings’ and when they realized, finally, that I could not take them seriously, they got very angry to the point of being abusive.” Alan Bennett said.

The Worsley Paranormal Group posted a public statement on their Facebook Page, denying Bennett’s claims, and said they have never met Alan Bennett. This, of course, motivated Phillip Brunelle, Founder of Haunted Society, and a news journalist on all things paranormal, to dig a little deeper, to complete this story of a spade… or spade of a story.

Erica Gregory, founder of Worsley Paranormal Group, in a hesitant statement, said “We have done nothing wrong”. Sensing that Erica Gregory was apprehensive about speaking with me, I assured her that I’m only hoping to prevent a one-sided story, basing it solely on facts. She continued on… denying the allegations that her team of ghost hunters had been abusive toward Alan Bennett. “As for getting aggressive with him, that’s totally ridiculous, we are nice people. He should have never said these things when he has no knowledge what-so-ever on the subject.” Erica Gregory said.

Offering a possible explanation for the upset statements made by Alan Bennett, Erica Gregory said “There are reasons for this anger from the brother [Alan Bennett], and it’s partly to do with psychic mediums”. Erica Gregory went on to explain, “His mum believed in them, but he doesn’t”.

Winnie Johnson, mother of the murder victim, Keith Bennett, fought a long campaign to get Ian Brady to reveal the location of her son’s body. Last month, authorities discovered new information that Ian Brady revealed to a mental health advocate, leading to possible locations of Keith Bennett’s body. However, exactly one day before she was told about this new lead in the case, Winnie Johnson died.

In a continued defense of her ghost hunting team, Worsley Paranormal Group, Erica Gregory said “Our work is based on physical evidence”, but Erica Gregory denies ever saying that any paranormal evidence, more specifically EVPs, was the voice of murder victim, Keith Bennett.

There’s a lot of explanation about what didn’t happen in this story, and on that note, when the Manchester Police were contacted for a statement regarding the spade that Worsley Paranormal Group discovered in Saddleworth Moor, a police spokesperson told Haunted Society Paranormal News that they had no knowledge that the group had found a spade.

Further investigation into this story revealed that the Worsley Paranormal Group personally handled the spade, and turned it over to forensic expert Steve Kershaw, for an independent forensic analysis. This mean that even if Steve Kershaw had discovered pertinent clues when testing the spade, linking to the murders, legally, the chain of evidence would have been tainted. The proper procedure for finding potential evidence should always result in someone keeping clear of it, and the authorities being informed about the discovery.

“This �?find’ is of no help to us.” Alan Bennett said, he continued, “A spade may well have been found again, as many have been before, but it does not tie in with any of the other information or evidence we have relating to Keith. Their need for publicity and their desperation to get anyone to listen to them is evident from their pursuit of various individuals on the internet, usually as uninformed or as crass as themselves.”

In response to the statements by Alan Bennett, Worsley Paranormal Group founder, Erica Gregory said “He has made us more determined to do even more now, and finish this.” and in the ending of her emailed statement, she continued, “You can show our videos, and see what opinion you get, that’s okay as long as you present us as normal, and not mad, that’s not what we are.”

A follow-up email was sent to Erica Gregory for a statement on her handling the Saddleworth Moor spade, why the group didn’t contact the police, and to get clarification about contact that the group did have with Alan Bennett, but no further comment was given by Worsley Paranormal Group.

We have asked for opinions on our Facebook Page Here, before publishing this news story, to see what other people thought about presenting unsolicited paranormal evidence to the family of a murder victim, and Nikki Weslowsky – Peterson, Co-Founder of Northern Paranormal Investigations, located in Vancouver BC Canada, said “I don’t think that any psychic or paranormal investigator should ever give unsolicited paranormal evidence to a victims family or friends”. Nikki Weslowsky – Peterson continued, saying “If a person feels they have pertinent or comforting information, they should contact local authorities involved in the case and let them decide what to do with that information.”

Now, we are asking you, where are the boundaries when it comes to paranormal investigations, or the appearances of psychics, with cases such as this? When is it okay to present the family of a murder victim with unsolicited paranormal evidence, or to conduct a search for physical evidence, andindependent forensic testing on evidence that might be linked to a case? Please take a minute to comment below with your opinion. If you’re not yet a member of Haunted Society Paranormal Network, Join Here. This is a free social networking website dedicated to the paranormal, and a trusted source of paranormal news.

Favorite 9 KE$HA Says Sex W/ Ghost Inspired Supernatural Album

To be captioned by Picture Desk

Pop Singer Kesha Says Having Sex With Ghost Inspired Her Supernatural Album – Haunted Society Paranormal News

Monday,  September 24th,  2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

WORLD NEWS — Pop singer Ke$ha known for her hit song “We R Who We R” (music video here) said that erotic paranormal experiences inspired her new song, appropriately titled ‘Supernatural’, and other songs on her new album, Warrior, which is scheduled to be released on November 30th, 2012.

During a brief interview, Kesha told Phillip Brunelle, news journalist and founder of Haunted Society, that her new song ‘Supernatural’ is.. “about my experience with the supernatural… but it was sexy paranormal experiences, not anything scary” said Ke$ha, whose full name is Kesha Rose Sebert.

Perhaps Kesha, knowing my angle for a paranormal news story, was reluctant to elaborate on the full details of her paranormal experiences, but she did offer some explanation, “I had a couple experiences with the supernatural… but I don’t know his name. He was a ghost, and I was very open to it.” Ke$ha said.

The 25-year-old pop singer, Ke$ha said that her new album was inspired by a “spiritual quest to find a new sound”. Kesha said her spiritual quest took her around the world, by herself, including a trip to Africa, where she said that she fed baby lions. “I took a spirit journey by myself.. No managers or security guards… I just went around the world, and lived on a boat” Kesha said, she continued “I was in Africa rehabilitating baby lions. I went diving with great white sharks, and just went on this crazy spirit quest”.

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Ke$ha said that her new album is not just about her mysterious erotic supernatural experiences, but the theme of the Warrior album is about the magic of life. “I got hypnotized,” Kesha said, describing her spiritual quest to write a new album. “I just really wanted this album to be really vulnerable and positive, with songs that are really raw, and about the magic of life.”

While on her spiritual quest, traveling abroad, Ke$ha said that she went under hypnosis to explore her inner-self. “I got hypnotized, and it was incredibly emotional seeing visions from my past life” Keysha explained, “So, one of the songs I wrote for this new album is called past lives, and it’s about how I believe that you can recognize someone, looking into their eyes, and you know this person from somewhere, even though you’ve never met them before in this life.” Hear some of the interview in the video below…

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Kesha’s new album ‘Warrior’ is certainly going to be of interest to everyone here on Haunted Society, but what do you think Ke$ha experienced during these self proclaimed erotic supernatural experiences? By not elaborating, Ke$ha is almost leaving it open to assume that she had sex with a ghost… But what do you think? Comment below with your opinion. If you’re not a member of Haunted Society Paranormal Network, we invite you to Join Here. Haunted Society is a trusted source of today’s top bizarre and paranormal news and a free social networking and paranormal resource website, that’s free for everyone to join and use.

Paranormal Activity Reported At New Jersey Hotel

Numerous Customers & Employees Report Ghostly Paranormal Activity In Historic 18th Century Hotel — Subscribe To Our RSS News Feed

Thursday, April 24th, 2014
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

SOMERVILLE, NEW JERSEY — Established in 1748, the historic Hotel Somerset in Somerville, NJ is being recognized these days for being more than just a nearly three century old landmark, several customers of McCormick’s Pub, guests staying at the Somerset Hotel, and even the employees and owners of the hotel and pub are saying there have been numerous experiences with paranormal activity throughout the 266-year-old building.

Third generation owner Tom McCormick says customers and residents have reported unexplainable experiences and detailed paranormal activity for many years. “You have to experience it to believe it,” said Tom McCormick, who was once skeptical of ghosts. “You could’ve told me any ghost story imaginable, and I wouldn’t ever believe it,” Tom McCormick continued “But after seeing paranormal activity first-hand, there’s no doubt… it’s haunted.”

People have reported doors opening and slamming shut, hearing footsteps and voices with nobody there, and the ghosts haunting the Somerset Hotel have even known to get up close and personal whispering into people’s ears, many people say they’ve been touched, and some residents and guests staying at this haunted hotel said they’ve been awoken in the middle of the night feeling their feet being tickled.

Another McCormick family member and operator of the family owned business, Shannon McCormick said “One day I was in the back room of the pub changing the soda syrup and I heard someone whisper directly into my ear, saying ‘help me’, and my ear went numb.” Shannon McCormick went onto explain that two hours after this ghostly whisper, her 5-year-old son was interacting with a girl nobody else could see, “it was the ghost of a little girl.”

As the oldest and most continuous running hotel in the United States, you might wonder whose spirit, or spirits, are haunting the Somerset Hotel, and while the possibilities are endless, Tom and Shannon McCormick say they know for sure the spirits of at least three children are haunting the pub and hotel, along with many adult spirits. Shannon McCormick believes the ghosts of two boys, and the ghost of a young girl regularly haunt the hotel. While the exact identities of the ghosts remain a mystery, this 18th century hotel is rich in history and is said to have hosted some historically famous people.

The local history for Somerville, New Jersey indicates that the first President of the United States of America, General George Washington, ate and slept at the Somerset Hotel with his soldiers many times between 1775–1783 while George Washington was serving as Commander-In-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. Could it be possible that President Washington and/or his soldiers still exist as spirits and might be responsible for some paranormal activity happening to this day in the haunted Somerset Hotel.? No, Mr. President.. Don’t Tickle My Feet.

ABOVE PHOTO: Security Camera Footage of Orb / Ghost Apparition In Haunted Somerset Hotel Storage Room Moving Around Boxes

The subject of death filled the historically haunted Somerset Hotel in 1926 after the bodies of Eleanor Reinhardt Mills and Edward Wheeler Hall were found murdered, shot to death. The murders didn’t take place in the hotel… But the Hotel Somerset hosted the sequestered jury members during the high profile Hall – Mills murder trial, which ultimately resulted in an acquittal, leaving the murders unsolved to this day… Maybe the frustrated spirits of murder victims Eleanor Mills and Edward Hall spent some time haunting the jurors while they were sequestered in the hotel, and with the case being unresolved, maybe the spirits of Mills and Hall still linger inside the haunted Somerset Hotel today.

Curtis Jones, a long-term resident of the Somerset Hotel in Somerville, New Jersey, says that he’s witnessed many strange things, and experiences paranormal activity nearly every day. “Closet doors are always opening and closing.” Curtis Jones said, “I’ve heard footsteps and strange noises.” At times the ghosts and paranormal activity can seem like a child’s nightmare, and can make you question your sanity, as Curtis Jones also said “There have been times that I’ve seen shadows of people that aren’t there, and I saw some kind of figures or arms that reached up from underneath my bed.”

Turning skeptic-to-believer, the third generation owner of the family business, Tom McCormick began researching the property of the Somerset Hotel. McCormick, uncovered at least six deaths that occurred in the hotel during the 40-years his parents owned and operated the Hotel Somerset.. which includes at least one known suicide, when someone jumped to their death from the top of the hotel many years ago.

Whoever, or whatever, the ghosts and spirits are haunting this old building, the reports of paranormal activity in McCormick’s Pub and the Somerset Hotel appear to suggest playful and attention seeking actions. Maybe they are children’s spirits as Tom and Shannon McCormick believe, or perhaps they’re spirits who have been around for years, desperately attempting to communicate with the living… with one or more spirits looking for help… Just like the whisper that Shannon McCormick heard asking for.

It took 266 years to establish the history of the Somerset Hotel and the mysteries that we call paranormal, and many questions will be answered in time.Until then, may all those who enter this haunted New Jersey hotel bring it’s historic mysteries to life, while making new history by helping these spirits… Leave the closet door open a crack, making it easy for them to slam shut… offer the ghosts a welcoming ear to whisper in… and remember to leave a foot out from under your blankets at night for the children to tickle… or could it be the ghost of a Fondling Foot Fetish Founding Father.?!