Officials Approve Paranormal Investigation At Haunted Town Hall

Town Officials Voted To Approve A Paranormal Investigation At The East Bridgewater Town Hall. Phillip Brunelle and His Team of Ghost Hunters Will Investigate The Haunted Town Hall This Week — Haunted Society Paranormal News — Subscribe Here

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

EAST BRIDGEWATER, MASS — It will not be business as usual this weekend at the East Bridgewater Town Hall, after town officials voted to approve a paranormal investigation of the haunted town hall during yesterday’s Board of Selectmen meeting. Paranormal investigator, Phillip Brunelle, and his team of ghost hunters, will be investigating many reports of paranormal activity at the town hall on Saturday, May 18th.

The East Bridgewater Town Hall was built in 1850, as the home of a judge, Hon. Aaron Hobart, who also served as a Massachusetts State Senator, and a member of the U.S. Congress. The house remained in the Hobart family for over 100 years, and within that time many members of the Hobart family died inside the house, including Aaron Hobart and his wife Maria Hobart, which are two of the spirits that are said to still be haunting the house to this day, while it’s now being utilized as the East Bridgewater Town Hall.

According to public records, the Hobart Estate was sold to the town of East Bridgewater for $25,000 in 1954. Soon after, the house was converted into the East Bridgewater Town Hall, and since then, several employees, town officials, police officers and town residents have reported many unexplainable instances of paranormal activity inside the town hall, giving it a reputation for being the town’s most haunted building.

The reports of paranormal activity in the haunted town hall include cold spots and strange gusts of air that feels like someone walking by you, strange sounds, footsteps and voices, orbs and apparitions appearing in photos and to the naked eye, lights going on and off and the elevator operating on its own, without any cause or need of repair found. These are just some of the many reports that have been documented over the years, and while some of the paranormal activity is indicative of a residual haunting, other paranormal activity that’s been reported suggests the existence of intelligent spirits in the East Bridgewater Town Hall.

“What’s most exciting about this investigation is knowing that the reports of paranormal activity originate from some of the most credible sources.” said Phillip Brunelle. “These are town employees, Selectmen and other elected officials, police officers, and even the ‘average people’ are considered as upstanding and well respected residents of East Bridgewater.”

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Just last month Phillip Brunelle and his team investigated reports of paranormal activity at the Middleboro Town Hall, which is a neighboring town of East Bridgewater. “These town halls are right in the heart of the infamous ‘Bridgewater Triangle’, which is a 200 square mile area located in southeastern Massachusetts that consists of a dozen cities and towns where there have been countless reports of paranormal activity”.

Phillip Brunelle is planning to conduct paranormal investigations at several reportedly haunted locations within the Bridgewater Triangle. Each investigation will be featured in an episode of Brunelle’s new paranormal web-series, which premiers later next month on his YouTube channel, Mass Most Haunted.

Aside from the Middleboro and East Bridgewater town halls, other haunted locations that Phillip Brunelle has investigated, or plans to investigate, include a haunted stone mill in New York, the Houghton Mansion located in North Adams, Massachusetts, the USS Salem, a haunted battleship in Quincy, Mass. the AOH Club, a private Irish club in Salem, Mass. another mansion in central Massachusetts, which is commonly called the ‘Haunted Victorian Mansion’, where ghost hunters from the television show Ghost Adventures filmed their paranormal investigation just two weeks ago.

“Some of the haunted places that my team is investigating are prominent in the paranormal field and have been featured on paranormal television shows, while many other places haven’t been investigated before.” said Phillip Brunelle. “I’m hoping to entertain and educate the public about each of these haunted places, and hopefully along the way we will discover some of the answers to the infinite questions surrounding the paranormal, which captivates the curiosity of so many people.”

Phillip Brunelle does not charge for paranormal investigations or any of his teams services… In fact, this weekend’s investigation of the East Bridgewater Town Hall will not cost the town hall or taxpayers a penny. “Researching and investigating the paranormal is a passion of mine, and a passion of each member on my team,” said Phillip Brunelle, “The expenses associated with conducting paranormal investigations, such as the cost of my investigation equipment, third party services or individuals, any location fees and travel expenses, all comes out of my own pocket.”

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