Poltergeist Activity Caught On Camera In Louisiana Pizza Shop

Employees of Stocky’s Pizza In Haughton, Louisiana Say The Pizza Shop Is Haunted, and Video Footage of Poltergeist Activity Might Prove It. Full Story On Haunted Society Paranormal News – Subscribe To Our Paranormal News Feed Here

Saturday, September 15th, 2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

HAUGHTON,  LOUISIANA — The employees of Stocky’s Pizza restaurant frighteningly believe that the pizza shop is haunted, and after finally catching some paranormal activity on a surveillance camera, they think this video will prove that ghosts are haunting Stocky’s Pizza.

Stocky’s Pizza employee, Lori Evans, said that she arrived to work in the morning of July 14th, 2012 and found an ice scooper in the middle of the kitchen floor. “The scoop is normally kept on a tray on top of the ice machine and that’s exactly where it was when employees closed the night before.” Lori Evans said.

The employees of Stocky’s Pizza have reported several incidents of paranormal activity in the past, and this made Lori Evans curious to check the surveillance footage from the night before, looking for an explanation for the moved ice scooper. She was frightened to learn exactly how the ice scooper got onto the floor, and believes poltergeist activity from a ghost haunting the pizza shop is the cause, which you can see for yourself in the video below...

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Lori Evans said the video (above) was recorded at 6:00am, and there wasn’t anyone inside the pizza restaurant for several hours before, or after, the time that this poltergeist activity was caught on camera.

“The first thing that happened was when I was standing in the kitchen area at the dough roller working. All of a sudden a bottle of Tabasco [sic] sauce hit me in the back then landed on the ground. I looked back because the bottle had been on top of the microwave. A server who was in the dining area actually saw it happen and we were both freaked out because it flew across room as opposed to just falling from its spot! We started wondering at that point. The Tabasco sauce has been mysteriously thrown several times and busted on one occasion!

Another time was when we were working and heard a loud crash in the back hall. When we went to see what it was, there was a broom and a dust pan both on the floor. They “snap�? into a holder on the wall so they are never on the floor. They’d been hanging there fine all day with no problems and snap into separate holders, yet both fell?

The motion sensors have gone off twice and the alarm company has called the owner to come out and check; to find nothing. Several of us have actually “felt�? a presence and had the hair stand up on our arms/neck. When I came in that morning and found those on the floor, so far from their spot, I knew it was time to check it out on tape and we finally found evidence of paranormal activity!”

Before Stocky’s Pizza took over the location of this business, it was previously leased to Walker Brothers Convenience Store, and during that time, there was a fatal car accident on the premises. A car crashed through the wall of the convenience store, which is now Stocky’s Pizza, and the woman driving the car was pronounced dead at the scene. Lori Evans believe that either this woman is haunting the pizza restaurant, or might be the cause of the paranormal activity, and notable poltergeist activity seen in this video.

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