Family’s Haunted House Inspires New Paranormal Activity Documentary

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND — A family of six moved into a house with a dark history, ignoring the tragic and mysterious events that took place inside the home. Months later, the family’s experience in this house is now the inspiration behind a new paranormal activity themed documentary.

In May 2010, a mother and her two daughters were found dead inside the home. Four days later, a man who was identified as the woman’s husband, was found dead inside his car, parked a block away from the house. According to Christchurch authorities, the mysterious nature of the brutal crime remains unsolved.

The new homeowners moved into the house earlier this year. They were a “little nervous” when the real estate agent told them about the mysterious deaths inside the home, but they decided to move forward with the purchase anyways. Now they say “strange things” started happening from day one.

The 41-year-old father of the household, who asked to be unnamed, said he was not a strong believer in the paranormal, but strange things were happening that he just could not explain. “We’re not drug-addicted hippies who hang wind chimes from the trees, we’re an average, normal family. But all six of us, and even the dog, have been picking up weird things.”

Despite trying to “keep the children out of it”, he said his five-year-old daughter was found talking to herself in her room, and later came downstairs and said that she was talking to a “little girl”.

The family heard furniture moving in the lounge nearly every night, experienced “horrible sulfur smells that burned your eyes”, witnessed light bulbs blow continually throughout the house, and their dog is often seen growling at nothing.

They first believed that their “minds were playing tricks on us”, but now they believe their house is haunted. The family didn’t want to move out, but they didn’t know what to do, so they called in Christchurch Paranormal Investigators, and they had the house “cleansed” by a priest.

Anton Heyrick, lead paranormal investigator for Christchurch Paranormal Investigators, sent the family away for a weekend to investigate the house. The ghost hunting team set up video cameras and voice recorders in every room, and brought in thermal and infra-red cameras and other paranormal investigation equipment. “We are 95 per cent sure there is paranormal activity here – that means we can’t explain the things that are happening or what we are hearing.”

After a “full paranormal investigation” of the house, Anton Heyrick said he found “compelling evidence of paranormal activity”. The ghost hunting group filmed their entire investigation, and Anton Heyrick plans on making a documentary using the investigation footage, on-camera interviews with the family, and further filming inside the haunted house.

New Zealand Skeptics spokeswoman, Vicki Hyde, is concerned that the documentary might resemble a “B-grade special effects horror movie”, but said that she’s interested in seeing the documentary.

“There have been so many ghost investigations, none of which have ever come up with anything.” Vicki Hyde said. “We should be treating these things as light entertainment, but the problem is people can be vulnerable to ghost stories.” Vicki Hyde also raised concern that the documentary would exploit the family.

The father conceded light bulbs blowing might be faulty wiring, the sulfur smells could be from a burst pipe, and his five-year-old daughter might have a “wild imagination”, but said he was not trying to “convert” anyone into believing in ghosts, or that there is in face paranormal activity in their home.

“The house may or may not have electrical issues, and people are going to believe what they want to. But if there is such a thing as spirits, and they happen to be here, then that’s fine. We’re happy for them to open wardrobe doors and run up and down the stairs – we just don’t want it turning malicious. To be honest, I’ve started to get used to it.”

Anton Heyrick said he plans to release the Christchurch haunted house documentary sometime next year.

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