EX-Ghost Hunters Member Brian Harnois Facebook Suicide Note

Here’s The Suicide Note Left By EX-Ghost Hunters Member Brian Harnois On Facebook. Brian Harnois Was Found Alive and Safe Earlier Today… But Why The Cry For Attention? — Haunted Society Paranormal News — Paranormal News Feed

Monday, December 10th, 2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

WARWICK, RI — There was an emotional out-pour over the past 24-hours on social media sites after a disturbing suicide note was left on the personal Facebook page of EX-Ghost Hunters member Brian Harnois. The suicide note posted by Brian Harnois read as follows…

“I wanted to write this note to say goodbye to a certain few that need to know what happened to me. I have fucked up my life again to the point of no return this time. I am homeless, jobless, and penniless. I have 2 wonderful daughters who deserve a lot better than what I can give them, and deserve better in life than what I would ever be able to give them. I love them both very much and this goes out to them the most. I am sorry daddy is such an extreme fuck-up. I could never get my crap together and you both deserve better then this. I love you both very much and will always be there to see your accomplishments in life. Because I know you will both do amazing things. You both will probably never know the amount of love I have for you two and that is my fault. I have been an extreme mess for almost all of my 36 years on this earth and enough is enough. I have lied, stolen, and done some other really bad things, but the one thing I can say I did right was bringing you two into the world. I love you both babies and will miss you SO MUCH!!! I have not seen or talked to you both in over a week and it has killed me more and more every day. I am in a deep depression and know I will not come out of it. As for you Michelle, I know now more than ever that I was in the wrong for 90 percent of the 7 years you have known me. I don’t know if you will ever read this, but if someone could pass this on to her it would be great. I can’t call you because I am to afraid of what might be said as I know I can never have you back. You were my one true love. I realize that now more then ever. You were my soul mate and someone that I could have lived with forever. And to know I messed that up is to much for me to bare anymore. You were my world, and I shit all over you. I know it was weird the way we met but I think it was fate that we did. I am SO SORRY that I messed things up like I did. Please forgive me one day. I wanted to give so much to you but in the end I couldn’t even scrape two pennies together for you and that was the last straw. I love you Michelle, and I always will. Goodbye my love and goodbye my 2 darling babies. I will miss all 3 of you!!”

Following him leaving this message on Facebook, Brian Harnois was reported missing, leaving many family members, friends, and fans of Harnois and the Ghost Hunters show in shock and feeling helpless. Then, earlier today, it was announced that Brian Harnois was found safe and alive, leaving many people wondering if this was all a hoax, or a desperate plea for help.

The Warwick, Rhode Island police said the case is still under investigation, and no comment will be given at this time. Phillip Brunelle, news journalist and founder of Haunted Society, has learned that this is not the first time that Brian Harnois has done such a thing. The boy who cried wolf, and his troubled past, has cost Brian Harnois many relationships, friendships, and jobs, including his position as a paranormal investigator on the SyFy television shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International.

While many people are relieved to hear the news of Brian Harnois being found alive and safe, we are currently looking into the details of this most recent cry for help, or attention, by Brian Harnois, looking back on his troubled timeline to understand what makes an average person, turned Ghost Hunters television star, go from being ordinary to stardom, back to ordinary again, and feeling the need to seek out attention of the limelight, no matter the cost or risk on his reputation.

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