Ghost Hunter Brian Harnois Reportedly Missing Left Suicide Note

Several Unconfirmed Rumors Are Spreading Like Wildfire On Social Media Sites That Ghost Hunter Brian Harnois Is Missing and Left A Suicide Note — Haunted Society Paranormal News — Subscribe To Paranormal News Feed

Monday, December 10th, 2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

WARWICK, RI — There are several unconfirmed reports tonight that Brian Harnois, former star on the hit shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International is missing, and reportedly left a suicide note on his personal Facebook page.

Haunted Society has placed phone calls to PR reps for the Ghost Hunters show to inquire about the reports trending on Twitter that Brian Harnois has left a disturbing note on his Facebook page, where Harnois was hinting at suicide and said goodbye many times throughout the message.

We have yet to confirm this information, and until such time, we ask that everyone keeps an open mind to the possibility of a hoax, but in the event that it’s not, continue keeping Brian Harnois in your thoughts and prayers that he’s found safe, and get’s the attention and help that he may be in need of. More information on the quickly circulating rumors of Brian Harnois will be updated here on Haunted Society Paranormal News the minute it becomes available.

UPDATE — Brian Harnois Was Found Safe… Haunted Society Is Checking Into The Details of This To See If This Was A Hoax That Brian Harnois Created To Seek Attention. We Don’t Take This Situation Lightly!!

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