Philadelphia Police Investigate Haunted Places In Pennsylvania

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Thursday, November 15th, 2012
Article By: Phillip Brunelle

PHILADELPHIA, PA — Hundreds of paranormal investigation teams have been sprouting around the United States this year, but very few of these ghost hunters have police officers on their team, or have an entire paranormal investigation team of police officers.

Olde City Paranormal is a paranormal team co-founded by a police officer and a tattoo artist, and the ghost hunting team has become a small police force dedicated to investigating the paranormal.

Philadelphia Police Officer, John Levy, founded the paranormal team in 2009 with Steve Rotondi, and Olde City Paranormal grew their ghost hunting team with Philadelphia Police Officer Amanda Levy, who is John Levy’s wife, and also Police Officer George Feinstein, an officer assigned to the city’s Mayor detail.

Officer John Levy said he became interested in the paranormal from watching television shows such as Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, but it wasn’t until he had a firsthand paranormal experience that he decided to investigate the paranormal himself.

John Levy stopped by his mother’s empty house while on patrol one night to use the restroom, when he says out of the corner of his eye he saw a figure walk into a bedroom where his grandfather used to sleep. “It was my grandfather, but he has been dead since 1988,” Levy said. “There was no doubt in my mind it was him – his height, his walk, his stature – it was him.”

This is when police officer John Levy founded Olde City Paranormal with tattoo artist Steve Rotondi and his wife and colleagues from the Philadelphia Police Department, and since, the ghost hunting police officers have been investigating dozens of haunted places and claims of paranormal activity all over Pennsylvania.

Olde City Paranormal isn’t the first team of ghost hunting police officers… In Chicago, police officer Rob Fabiani founded his police force of ghost hunters, which led to a paranormal series on the A&E Network called Paranormal Cops. Although the television show Paranormal Cops wasn’t a success like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, Rob Fabiani and his team of ghost hunting police officers continue to investigate haunted places in Chicago.

Officer John Levy said “there isn’t anything special about police officers investigating the paranormal”, but Officer Rob Fabiani disagreed, saying “Being police officers, it raises the bar. If I was a plumber I could lie through my teeth and go back to work tomorrow. As policemen, we don’t have the luxury of being reckless. We’re held accountable for what we say.” Perhaps Rob Fabiani’s statement was a dig at Ghost Hunters stars Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson?

A few well known haunted places in Philadelphia include the Eastern State Penitentiary… the Library Hall, on 5th Street, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin, and the Philadelphia Zoo, the oldest zoo in America, is said to have two haunted buildings, the Solitude House and Penrose Building.

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